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Michelle Peters

Michelle has been actively involved in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. She earned a master’s degree from Oklahoma State University in Speech- Language Pathology & Audiology and successfully practiced in that field for many years, working with a wide variety of clients in various healthcare settings. When the time came to start a family, Michelle became a student in the Andrews School of Medical Transcription and subsequently worked as a Medical Transcriptionist for many years. In 2006, she was invited to join the Andrews School staff as an instructor and now also works directly with Linda Andrews on an administrative level. As part of her work with the Andrews School, Michelle has evaluated and provided feedback for numerous student resumes. Recently, she completed a project entitled Coding Resume Tips. This resource has become an effective reference tool for graduates who are seeking employment in the Coding industry.

Greg Peters

Greg has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Oklahoma State University. His entire professional career has involved business management in not only the restaurant industry but also in retail and career counseling services. While in career counseling, he specialized in employee recruitment and placement, career advancement, and professional resume writing. Currently, he is serving as the Minister of Church Administration and Missions at his home church. In this position, he has strengthened his overall skills in both management and team leadership. Greg has a heart for people and has been blessed with tremendous interpersonal skills. He loves matching people with positions. He has a knack for evaluating a person’s strengths and personality and finding a good fit for them, whether volunteer or career oriented.